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Making North Cyprus Better (MNCB)

Briefing Note  April 2014

Rapid Progress on Consultation with MNCB Proposals
on Residency. Property & Contract Law.

MNCB would like to express express appreciation to all members of
HBPG, STBM, BRS, ATA, TFR and others who have expressed
support for these efforts to bring North Cyprus Processes in line
with international standards. The combined support has been
invaluable in helping us make the progress to date.

In addition to direct email and press releases, in the interests of
good communication, we will be pleased if groups will circulate this
latest briefing to their members who have an interest in Residency,
Property & Legal matters.

As part of ongoing engagements with key Governments figures,
discussions between MNCB have moved on this week with further
consultations involving the Task Force & the Prime Ministers Office.
The issues being progressed are the culmination of three years of
campaigning much of it below the Radar..

The proposals now being put into final draft, will be put before
representatives of the Bar and Attorney General's Office before
presenting the completed version to the Prime Minister, with a
recommendation for submission to the Council of Ministers with a
view to early enactment.

They include:

Proposals now include issuing a white card to permanent Residents
which will entitle them to all benefits of Citizenship other than
The qualification details have yet to be finalised but will include 5
years Residency stamps plus income and investment in property
and/or bank deposit qualification. It is currently proposed that after a
short qualifying period, Medical tests for European Residents will be
abolished. Different conditions will apply to work permits.

Permission to Purchase
It is proposed that discussions will take place between the Prime
Minister's Office and top Military authorities with a view to removing
property ownership restrictions other than those bordering on the
Green Line.

Property Law Amendment
Proposals are being made to amend the Property Law 11/78 to
make it quite clear that stealth Mortgages are illegal, mortgages
only cover what is expressly stated and that purchasers rights are
fully protected by contract.

Contract Law
A Specific Performance amendment is proposed to make
performance of contracted conditions mandatory.

One Stop Help Shop
Following on from the speech of Minister of Foreign Affairs Mr Ozdil
Nami, the Interior Minister is also considering proposals about
introducing bilingual help desks to help expatriates with North
Cyprus procedures.

Progress continues with the aim of introducing these changes over
the next few months. There are still some questions need resolving
with regard to legal issues relating to how retroactive certain
measures can be.

We all know that nothing is certain until it happens but recent moves
are the most encouraging to date. We are keeping our fingers
crossed for tangible measures to be announced shortly.

Further Enquiries to:
Malcolm Mitcheson at [email protected] or
Gultac Oszan at [email protected]

Joint Secretaries MNCB