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A new NGO

A new NGO founded to protect the rights of the homebuyers in the TRNC.

The NGO titled Making North Cyprus Better Movement started its studies.

Established to protect the rights of Turkish Cypriot s and the Foreign homebuyers in the TRNC, the NGO has announced that  laws implemented wrongfully to house buyers in the TRNC; that the current practice violated the human rights, and the cases filed at the ECHR were about to conclude and the verdicts might seriously harm the economy of the TRNC and called the government to  take measures.

Underlining that in the past, TRNC had a economic boost due to the house buyers, the NGO administrators said that thousands of house buyers- both local and foreigner- were aggrieved because the government failed to take the necessary measures, that hundreds of construction firms  have bankrupted or were at the point of being bankruptcy, and thousands of houses were left unfinished, thus TRNC’s economic development became stagnant and that greater straits will rise following the ECHR verdict unless measures  are taken.

The NGO has stated that as the initial step, the Government should stop the eviction cases against the house buyers, and that a moratorium was necessary on the case and amendments should be made later  to laws in accordance with human rights and for the rights of the Turkish Cypriot people. Noting that provided that the moratorium was announced cases before the ECHR might be suspended, the NGO stated that therefore the fall down of the economy could be stopped and way for prosperity could be reopen for the people of the TRNC .

The NGO called the government to take immediate action.

Rahmi Ozsan, Chairman

Making North Cyprus Better Movement