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MNCB is pleased to announce that its campaign for a fairer house buying process has been aided by the TRNC Government and High Court. Still a long way to go but progress. 
Property purchase is more secure with new legal safeguards whilst the High Court has   recently upheld Mortgage Law 11/78. Eviction cases from Stealth Mortgages are still in process but House Buyers are now being heard by the Courts. This is a sea change.
MNCB Campaign on housing was strengthened immensely by the support of BRS, ATA, HBPG & STBM and many individuals too numerous to mention. All support was vital. For further information on Property Guidance we refer you to our web site
Following progress on property matters MNCB has extended its remit to include campaigning for a better services for expatriate TRNC residents. This extension of activities is welcomed and supported by BRS, ATA & STBM and their supporters. 
We are pleased to announce today the following agreement with the TRNC Health Ministry. 
The Health Ministry has:
1 Agreed to immediately review any positive blood test that creates anxiety to an expatriate resident, quickly and at no extra cost to the applicant. Anyone with an immediate anxiety please contact MNCB joint Secretary Gultac Ozsan by email [email protected] Gul will advise them on procedure to be followed.
2 Agreed to provide separate exclusive appointment only facilities for residency medical testing at Girne and Gazi Magusa State Hospitals. THIS NEW PROCEDURE IS OPERATIVE IMMEDIATELY – PLEASE SEE SEPARATE ANNOUNCEMENT 2 FROM MNCB or refer to MNCB web site
3 Agreed to consider reducing the age for medical test exemption to 50 providing the resident has had two years of negative testing. In return for exemption an annual resident health levy will be examined. (This concession excludes people traveling from high risk areas or working in hospitality, food & drink businesses).
Please refer to our web site  for further information