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Making North CyprusBetter (MNCB/KKG) Update - 7th October 2011

The Prime Minister Irsen Kucuk and the leader of CTP Ozkan Yorgancioglu agree that repossessions should be suspended pending an urgent review of flawed property laws.  

The PM has agreed to start consultations with MNCB/KKG and others to seek an urgent moratorium, if successful this will be followed by step by step overhaul of property procedures. CTP, the main opposition party, said they will support this action.

MNCB/KKG are continuing their meetings with other influential bodies in an effort to gain consensus on the need for urgently improving the whole property buying process for the benefit of everyone who wants North Cyprus to be successful.

There has been much comment on Turkish Cypriot TV , Radio and Newspapers in support of the government taking urgent action on MNCB/KKG proposals. Judging by the overwhelmingly positive reaction in the Turkish Cypriot media MNCB/KKG initiative has been widely welcomed.

MNCB launches its information web site in English and Turkish on  and  So for further information on our proposals and registering your support please look us up.

It has been a busy two weeks for MNCB and their Cypriot supporters. Last week, after meeting an MNCB delegation, Hassan Hastourer was very supportive of MNCB proposals. Hassan called for urgent action by the government in both in his TV interview on ADA TV and his news column. This week saw another article written by Hassan Hasturer in Avantis. A copy of this is on our web page.

There was a meeting between the PM Irsen Kucuk and the MCBM founders, Rahmi Ozsan, Attila Berberoglu , Gultac Ozsan and Malcolm Mitcheson (MM), was conducted entirely in Turkish so these are just MM impressions from the body language and from what Rahmi and Gul relayed to me after the meeting that have been confirmed by Gul..

The four of us from MNCB were very well received, the PM was totally relaxed about having TV and press pictures taken of him meeting MNCB chairman Rahmi. The meeting lasted about 30 minutes and did not seem to be under time pressure.

Rahmi made the point we came with solutions to the property and problem not to blame anyone. This gained a good response from PM, he indicated that most came to him with problems and it was a first to have someone come to him with a solution or helping with a solution. The PM thought the name of our movement very apt. The Turkish translation is Improving North Cyprus (KKG). The PM said he would be pleased to engage with MNCB (KKG) to help find a solution.

There was a great level of agreement expressed and there appeared to be common ground on the following:

This was a very major problem that was seriously hurtingNorth Cypruseconomically and required urgent resolution.

That confidence in house purchase market needs to be restored ASAP.

The PM queried if confidence could be restored in property investment inNorth Cyprus, he was reassured on this by MNCB, subject to getting and early solution to the present problems.

Malcolm confirmed that BRS could help do a major job in helping create confidence once the problems were resolved by the government)

As the PM had agreed the problems needed urgent resolution he was asked for immediate legislation to suspend repossessions. The PM said if he had the power to do it, he would, as he realised how damaging the present situation was to North Cyprus. So he would seek urgent clarification on this issue. As part of this clarification, the PM agreed to consult with MNCM legal experts and others to see if this was possible and give a reply by within days. Subsequent contacts are aiming to set up a meeting in week beginning 10th October, between the PM and MNCB delegation to discuss the feasibility of a suspension of repossessions pending a total review of property and contract procedures.

The PM agreed that further engagement with MNCB would be beneficial to finding an urgent solution. Rahmi said that MNCB were prepared to help with expert advice to bring the local practice up to best European standards. This was well received by the PM.

Rahmi was interviewed on live Kibris TV Wednesday 5th Ocober by Serhat Incirli for over half an hour so was able to quote what the PM had said and that MNCB objective was to help achieve an equitable solution for all. This was followed up in Serhat’s news bulletin and column the following day.

On Friday 7th October the MNCB delegation met with Ozkan Yorgancioglu leader of CTP, the main opposition party. Once again the meeting was cordial with Mr Yorgancioglu agreeing that an urgent resolution to the property problem was required and that if the PM was to put a moratorium to parliament if would have CTP support. And furthermore if the PM did not put forward a proposal CTP would draft one of their own. CTP would welcome being involved in agreeing legislitative proposals with government or alternatively would get their legal experts work with MNCB on detailed proposals. 

So within a week both the leader of the government and the leader of the major opposition party had agreed with MNCB that urgent legislation should be enacted to suspend repossessions pending an urgent review of the flawed house buying process.

As we now appear to agree on the need for urgent action, we are now looking to the PM to actually make it happen.

Report by

Malcolm Mitcheson

Joint Secretary MNCB (KKG)