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MNCB/KKG Press Release

The PM and CTP agree on need for “Action against Eviction”

The Prime Minister Irsen Kucuk and the leader of CTP Ozkan Yorgancioglu agree that repossessions should be suspended pending an urgent review of flawed property laws. 

The PM has agreed to start consultations with MNCB/KKG and others to seek an urgent moratorium, if successful this will be followed by step by step overhaul of property procedures. CTP, the main opposition party have said they will support this action.

MNCB/KKG are continuing their meetings with other influential bodies in an effort to gain consensus on the need for urgently improving the whole property buying process for the benefit of everyone who wants North Cyprus to be  more successful.

There has been much comment on Turkish Cypriot TV , Radio and Newspapers in support of the government taking urgent action on MNCB/KKG proposals. Judging by the overwhelmingly positive reaction in the Turkish Cypriot media MNCB/KKG initiative has been widely welcomed.

MNCB launches its information web site at 12 noon today in English and Turkish on  So for further information on our proposals and registering your support please look us up after 12 noon.

Malcolm Mitcheson            [email protected]

Gultac Ozsan                       [email protected]